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Friday, May 15th, 2009

More Rain and a calf!

First, thank you to all our customers at the Trinity Farmers Market! We hope you return to our booth.

As I write this, the rain and wind continues. I dumped out about 1/2 inch this morning and another 1 inch this afternoon. The farmers are never going to get everything planted on time. I talked to a friend of mine that sells seed corn around the Bloomington area. He sold over 10,000 bags of seed corn and as of yesterday, only knows of 32 bags in the ground.

I rushed home from school today because we are anticipating 4 cows calving (due  yesterday). One Hereford heifer and 3 black recipts that will have Hereford calves. I had Arika on maternity duty as she is now back from school (University of Iowa). At about 1:00  she called and saw hooves starting to protude from the heifer. I was a little nervous, not just because she was a heifer, but because she is bred to our new bull Cotton Club. CC has had some pretty big calves this spring and that can be rough on a heifer. I had Arika giving me and hourly update, but nothing was happening. I decided I better head straight home after school (instead of stopping for the usual friday afternoon Roundtable). I checked the heifer and still no progress. Erethevperti . I determined it was time to take action. Jake and I got the heifer in a confined space and put the halter on. I got the calf puller (which I would rather not use) and hooked up the chains. A little pull and things started happening. Out was a head (with a tounge sticking out) and half a body. Another pull, and the calf was on the ground. It always amazes me when they come out and all of a sudden they are breathing! A live bull calf at a manageable 82 pounds. We bedded down a stall, and put momma and baby in the pen. I hope to have a picture of a vibrant calf on the page in the next day or so.

Last weekend, I was able to use my new John Deere 494a planter. I think it is a 1965 model (so we are the same age). She and I planted about 1 1/2 acre of popcorn while my wife and kids spent Mothers Day planting about 60 tomato plants and another 90 (or so) pepper plants.

Also, I was able to row the first 8 rows of sweet corn this moring. Now I wish I would have planted 16 rows.

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