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Thursday, April 9th, 2009

big oak farm beef label

big oak farm beef label

We are officially Licensed Meat Brokers!

So, if you are looking for some quality beef, e-mail or call us. I hope to be setting up a store for some boxed products. Not sure how we could efficient ship, but can arrange local pick up. We have steaks, ground beef (including patties) roasts and beef sticks. The first individual products will be available in about two weeks. I just took two steers to Reasons for processing on Monday. Now that we have completed what seems like a mountain of red tape and paperwork, we can get down to business of selling the best beef you have ever had. The final two pieces are ordering custom labels (which I have a picture of) and some health permits for the city.

Yesterday, we had the vet come over and do some work. Routine pouring, vaccinations, preg check, etc. Another good quality of herefords is their┬átemperament. I don’t think I had to cuss once. Neither did the vet, Dr. Joel Sullivan. We also set up about 7 cows/heifers for breeding this weekend. The interglobe rep is supposed to deliver semen today or tomorrow. I am going to use THM Durango and then turn the cows in with our bull Purple Cotton Club (CRR Cotton x Reload). Durango is the sire of the current Denver Champion bull, CRR About Time. Durango is a son of Boomer 29F. I have been trying to get some of his genetics in our program for the last year or two. He has great numbers for birthweight and milk. Two things that I want to focus on for this breeding season.

Last item: feel free to leave comments! We have a lot of visitors from all over the place and would like to hear what you are looking for or how your beef program is.


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