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Thursday, June 10th, 2010

This is a short photo collage of the 2010 mum planting experience at Big Oar Farm. It was truly a family event with everyone pitching in. We were able to plant approximately 3150 mums in 2 days. The process involves filling the 10″ pots with the soil/mixture that we made https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-100mg/ in the spring, transporting the pots to the mum field (approximately 120 at a time), unloading the pots in the proximity of where they are to be placed, planting the mum seedlings, placing the tags in the pots and then aligning the pots and plants to the drip lines.

Monday, March 1st, 2010

We just got back from the Illinois Beef Expo. Jake exhibited two heifers. Pictures of the show is below. We still have some quality show heifers and steers for sale starting at $1200 for the heifers and $900 for steers. We have a very exciting calf crop consisting of heifers and steers out of Purple Cotton Club 33T ET (National Champion CRR D03 Cotton x National Champion LaGrand Reload).

I also have 1 bull for sale LF 3H L36K CHANNING 510 (Buddy). This 5 year old herd bull has been very successful in assisting with a balancing EPD’s in our herd. I am happy to say that I have never pulled a calf sired by Buddy. At the Illini Classic Embryo auction, Steve Lorenzen sold 6 eggs maternally related to Buddy (including 3 full sibs). Give Jay a call at 309.778.0811.

We can deliver cattle from coast to coast for approximately $300.

Also, thank you Frank Baliff, Earlysville VA for purchasing Gold Load!

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Happy Holidays from Bohnsack Big Oak Farm.

Thank you to all of our friends and customers (who have become friends) for a great year. Remember, if you would like to order beef for the winter, please give us a call. We still have show heifers for sale starting at $1200.

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We have 6 quality spring show heifers for sale (not including the one in the video) and 3 nice fall heifers that will show. Give us a call at 309.738.0811-Jay

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Click here to see our lot 10 offered in the sale.

Bids close Wednesday, November 5 at 7:00 pm Central Time.

Land of Lincoln Internet Hereford Sale

Land of Lincoln Internet Hereford Sale

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

ILPHA Land of Lincoln Internet Sale

Pictured is our consignment to the 1st Annual ILPHA Land of Lincoln Internet Sale November 4 (bidding closes at 7). BOF TINA CLUB 910 is an April 13th polled Hereford heifer out of our new bull Purple Cotton Club. Purple Cotton Club is a Reload x CRR D03 Cotton. Both were National Champions. BOF Tina’s dam is Purple Tina-Faye (a grand daughter of Keynote). This is the first heifer we have offered out of Cotton Club and we are very excited about this offering. Visit www.ilpha.com for catalog and sale information.

BOF Tina Club 910

BOF Tina Club 910

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

BOF Gold Load – Hereford Bull for Sale $2000

Division Champion 2009 Illinois State Fair, Class winner 2009 IJHA Preview Show.

The show season is over. BOF  Gold  Load is the Reserve Champion Polled Hereford Bull at the Illinois State Fair. He is for sale, so give me a call or e-mail for more information. Full sister was a class winner at the 2007 Junior Nationals for Dean Adcock.

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Beef-It’s What’s for Dinner

picture-1I have found  a couple of nice recources I would like to share with our customers. Many times, people wonder where different parts of the steer certain cuts come from. I have a link here to a downloadable chart that explains it pretty well. It’s called the Beef made easy retail cuts chart and is provided by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association at the retail beef site.

The other site that I like, is the Beef it’s what’s for dinner site. (I take back some of the bad things I said about the National Cattlemen’s Association earlier today). It has some great recipes and a lot of nutricious information about beef for the consumer.

Finally, I should note the Certified Hereford Beef program. It promotes healthy, safe and great tasting beef without the added “enhancement” of water. That is the breed we beleive is the best, and so do our customers.

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Illinois Junior Hereford Assoc. Preview Show

Last weekend we attended the Illinois Junior Hereford Association Preview Show in Taylorville. This is a two day show with bred & owned, cow calf, bulls and steers being shown on Saturday and the owned heifers shown on Sunday (Fathers Day). Congratulations to the Polled winners the Collins family, and the horned winners Bauers and Jones (bred by Del Hawk Herefords).

All in all, we had a pretty good weekend. Our fall bull was a class winner (see his picture) and the Harfst heifer Jake bought at the preview show placed 4th (beating a couple of high dollar heifers that had previously beat him in Roseville).

In the produce department, the mums are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. I finished planing the last couple rows of sweet corn yesterday, yes, on June 25th. Hope to have some produce at the farmers market soon.

Friday, May 15th, 2009

More Rain and a calf!

First, thank you to all our customers at the Trinity Farmers Market! We hope you return to our booth.

As I write this, the rain and wind continues. I dumped out about 1/2 inch this morning and another 1 inch this afternoon. The farmers are never going to get everything planted on time. I talked to a friend of mine that sells seed corn around the Bloomington area. He sold over 10,000 bags of seed corn and as of yesterday, only knows of 32 bags in the ground.

I rushed home from school today because we are anticipating 4 cows calving (due  yesterday). One Hereford heifer and 3 black recipts that will have Hereford calves. I had Arika on maternity duty as she is now back from school (University of Iowa). At about 1:00  she called and saw hooves starting to protude from the heifer. I was a little nervous, not just because she was a heifer, but because she is bred to our new bull Cotton Club. CC has had some pretty big calves this spring and that can be rough on a heifer. I had Arika giving me and hourly update, but nothing was happening. I decided I better head straight home after school (instead of stopping for the usual friday afternoon Roundtable). I checked the heifer and still no progress. Erethevperti . I determined it was time to take action. Jake and I got the heifer in a confined space and put the halter on. I got the calf puller (which I would rather not use) and hooked up the chains. A little pull and things started happening. Out was a head (with a tounge sticking out) and half a body. Another pull, and the calf was on the ground. It always amazes me when they come out and all of a sudden they are breathing! A live bull calf at a manageable 82 pounds. We bedded down a stall, and put momma and baby in the pen. I hope to have a picture of a vibrant calf on the page in the next day or so.

Last weekend, I was able to use my new John Deere 494a planter. I think it is a 1965 model (so we are the same age). She and I planted about 1 1/2 acre of popcorn while my wife and kids spent Mothers Day planting about 60 tomato plants and another 90 (or so) pepper plants.

Also, I was able to row the first 8 rows of sweet corn this moring. Now I wish I would have planted 16 rows.

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